When it comes to making sure two bits of paper stay together, you have no choice – you must use paperclips…actually you could staple them I suppose, or glue them together, or use a bulldog clip, or you know some kind of origami thing would work as well…but if you wanted to…you could use a paperclip!  Very ingenious little invention – not invented by the Norwegian Vaaler according to QI and others it was Herbert Spencer

pretty useful and so cute paperclips – these ones from GeekStuff4U

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I used to collect erasers when I was younger…I also used to eat them, but not the brightly coloured ones I was collecting with the shape and smell of say, an ice cream, but the plain old rectangular school issue erasers.  They were delicious.  Chewy, but delicious.  The red erasers on the top of pencils were less delicious, and had much more texture – not your everyday eraser meal, but nice for a change of pace(r) – note the pun.


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Be quill my heart

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Sticky Tape

Now to the stickiest of situations – what to say about sticky tape.  My favourite would have to be magic tape, as it is, quite simply, magical.  I did get a rather good roll of tape from the hallowed halls of SMIGGLE.  It had dots of different colours, which was cute as!

masking tape

ahh pretty

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Scissors (Running with…optional)

Scissors can be lefty or righty.  Big or small.  I was once almost escorted off a plane for having a pair in my carry-on luggage (and this was pre-turn of the century).  Well, what is a person supposed to do if they haven’t wrapped their wedding gift prior to flying to Sydney???

Anyway, scissors.  I don’t really like those crinkly edged things they use in crafting.  Although I do like the  name pinking shears.  Best thing about scissors is they totally beat paper (not so great with rock)…Image

Find Online Rock Paper Scissors game here:

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Let’s start with staplers.

Click Click Click

There is a page I like to visit for that satisfying click – here

Electric – not as nice, in fact a little scary

Old fashioned – lovely

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Ahhh…Stationery.  Who doesn’t love the smell of some spanking new writing paper, or the satisfying click of a really good stapler?  You don’t? We’ll convert you.  You do?  Welcome kindred spirit…let’s look at stationery.

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