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When it comes to making sure two bits of paper stay together, you have no choice – you must use paperclips…actually you could staple them I suppose, or glue them together, or use a bulldog clip, or you know some … Continue reading

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I used to collect erasers when I was younger…I also used to eat them, but not the brightly coloured ones I was collecting with the shape and smell of say, an ice cream, but the plain old rectangular school issue … Continue reading

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Be quill my heart

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Sticky Tape

Now to the stickiest of situations – what to say about sticky tape.  My favourite would have to be magic tape, as it is, quite simply, magical.  I did get a rather good roll of tape from the hallowed halls … Continue reading

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Scissors (Running with…optional)

Scissors can be lefty or righty.  Big or small.  I was once almost escorted off a plane for having a pair in my carry-on luggage (and this was pre-turn of the century).  Well, what is a person supposed to do … Continue reading

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Let’s start with staplers. Click Click Click There is a page I like to visit for that satisfying click – here Electric – not as nice, in fact a little scary Old fashioned – lovely

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Ahhh…Stationery.  Who doesn’t love the smell of some spanking new writing paper, or the satisfying click of a really good stapler?  You don’t? We’ll convert you.  You do?  Welcome kindred spirit…let’s look at stationery.

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